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Celebrate that special day, occasion or

team success with a

Forget Me Not

Special day Celebration Bear

 1  Wedding Day/Anniversary

2 Birthday Milestone 

4 Graduation

5 Our unique Will You Marry Me Bear

are Just a few examples of what we can do

get in touch if you need that special

celebration gift that's completely unique

All our celebration bears are made to order

bespoke to you.

We make 2 sizes of Memory bears

Small 12 Inch when sitting £65.00 +p&p (no pouch)

standard size 16 inch sitting £75.00 +p&p

We don't charge any extras for our bears the price's above are complete including embroidery and UK P&P


Just buy from our shop and we will

contact you for all required details.

Any questions just call 01269 860910 or ask via

the contact form below



"We like our bears furry"

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Graduation bear

Forget Me not Memory Bear. Unique gift to celebrate graduation